Almavox Soulful Interpreting is a group of passionate interpreters who want to be YOUR VOICE in the languages you don’t master. Why are we different from the competition? Because we care. Our interpreters are carefully chosen and trained to convey your message with the same level of energy and intention as you or the speaker you are hosting. Be it a meeting, a workshop, a conference or a retreat, if you have a language barrier, we have the bridge to fill that gap. Allow us to enlighten you with seamless, multilingual communication.


Roberta Barroca has been a conference interpreter since 2007. Majored in journalism. Gemini with Virgo rising, which translates into innate communication geniality and modesty. Mission: to be your Simultaneous Interpretation Guru and guide you in your multilingual enlightenment journey.

Patrick Braathen is a Portuguese<>English interpreter who majored in Marketing and Business. Norwegian by birth with an American mindset and a Brazilian soul, Patrick is a product of globalization. Mission: open your business’ chakras so that you can experience seamless communication nirvana.